Welcome!  I'm Aryn Shelander and am a visual and experience designer in the San Francisco, Bay Area. All my designs are inspired by the "human-centered design" process, which focuses on "need-finding," empathic understanding, synthesizing the experience into it's essential parts.  Please email me at goaryn@gmail.com to continue the conversation on design.    

UX + Visual Design


User experience

Interface design

Product discovery

Usability testing

6+ yrs iOS/Android


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Co-founder of Logical Animal

A boutique app design and development firm


Mobile UX lead

At Weather Underground, I researched, designed and brought to production three large-scale apps; all were featured by the App Store and two earned App store Essential badges. Check out WunderStation, a deepweather analysis tool for personal weather station owners. Use the Weather Underground flagship app for some of the most reliable weather forecasting. And scroll through Storm Radar for the most severe weather events. 




User Researcher

At Microsoft, I conducted large user research studies. Our team conducted surveys, machine learning to create a unique personalized product that helped create Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant. 



Life focus

My life is focused on building long term well-being. I constantly study positive psychology, cognitive science and shifting societies to help inform decisions. I hope that by figuring out what behaviors and practices bring present happiness and long term well-being, we can bring real progress to our communities.