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At Weather Underground I researched and designed the User Experience for WunderStation, an app for Personal Weather Station owners, weather enthusiasts and data-loving weather geeks. WunderStation brings real-time data from over 37,000 personal weather stations that make up our unique network of weather enthusiasts. 

WunderStation was featured by Apple in a headline TV ad and in the multiple times in the App Store as a "Best New App" and "Best Weather App."

I did a complete redesign of Weather Underground's Flagship iOS app. Detailed research went into understanding this diverse audience, which consisted of the everyday commuter to environmental protection consultants. After many interviews, wireframes and even more brainstorms, our small team of 5 came out with an incredible app used by over 1.5 million unique users per month. 



Upon release we were honored to be featured by Apple as part of the App Store's "Best New Apps" and "Best Weather Apps."  Within the first three weeks we had 200,000 downloads and a 5 star rating. 


To create the app I worked with an amazingly talented team that consisted of

  • Matt Aronoff (lead front-end dev) 
  • Aryn Shelander (UX designer)
  • Mike Tiscareno (UI designer)
  • Sonali Pandey (back-end dev)
  • Mark Edwards (technical PM)
  • Ahmad Bushnaq (front-end dev)

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Redesign of Weather Underground's Flagship  iOS app

weather underground ios app ipad and iphone

Here is our app pre-redesign:

User research revealed a few key problems:

  • Lack of information hierarchy, and aesthetic center.
  • Missed opportunity to clearly show chance of precipitation in graph.
  • Difficulty navigating (Changing weather station, accessing current location, and exiting the map)

Here is our app post-redesign:

After redesign we solved these key problems and got featured by Apple multiple times. 

Learn More about our process:

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