Contortionist - Acrobat - Performer

Throughout New York City Aryn Shelander performs Mongolian Contortion, hand-balancing and partner acrobatics.

Aryn performs at a wide range of events, including company parties, conferences, festivals, and private parties.  

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  • Contortion

    • Traditional Mongolian contortion spotlight act

    • Modern contortion spotlight act: "Reptile"

    • Ambient contortion

  • Partner Acrobatics 

    • Adagio - Modern

    • Special themes: Classic Circus, Superhero, or made to fit your event. 

    • Ambient partner acrobatics and character work



Call:   650-346-6456

Bring your Brand to life

Acrobatics brings movement and an eye-catching story to your products. 

Check out this acrobatic photoshoot to advertise eve-mattress's soft and supportive, exceptionally comfortable mattress technology. 

Contortion Acts

Movement from Another World 

Mongolian Contortion - hand-blancing - tumbling - modern dance


Lost Limbs

Acro-contortion performance at San Francisco State University. Choreography by Nico Torres-Labarca and Aryn Shelander


"Sirens" - Contortion act

Performers: Aryn Shelander, Angela Kim, Yuko Hata

Choreographer: Serchmaa Bayamba    at the Mongolian Contortion Center


Community Performance at the Mission Cultural Center

Light partner acrobatics, contortion routine, followed by many many photos!


Swing Silly

Partner acrobatics - hand-to-hand - tumbling - swing dance


Hire me for your event. 

Common requests are for an ambient performance or a spotlight routine. Costumes and vibe can be adapted to fit your event.